Bloodborne Pathogens Training 101

Doctor teaching Bloodborne Pathogens Group Training

Everyone wants to work in a safe environment. However, some workplaces expose workers to dangerous and potentially infectious materials that can contain bloodborne pathogens, but what are they? We’re here to explain all in Bloodborne Pathogens 101.

Some health risks that employees get exposed to include Hepatitis B and C, syphilis, and HIV. OSHA seeks to address this by mandating that employees at risk of exposure are trained as per specific requirements.

Online bloodborne pathogens training is one option through which to fulfill this requirement.

Bloodborne pathogens training is essential for workers if they get exposed to blood or other human body fluids while undertaking their daily duties. After completing training, employees will be in a position to knowledgeably deal with any exposure, and hence reduce their risk and the risk to others.

Bloodborne pathogens training is mandated for various types of workers such as tattoo artists, healthcare workers, cleaning staff, emergency responders, and nursing home workers.

When to Consider Online Bloodborne Pathogens Training

In the past, traveling to a classroom setting or clinic was a common thing when going for bloodborne pathogen training.

Accessing to the knowledge and skills of an in-person instructor was the main advantage fof on-site instructor-led training sessions.

However, technological advances have led to a change in the preferred mode of training across many industries.

There is a wide range of benefits that can make online bloodborne pathogen training a good choice. So, what are these advantages?

Train Anywhere

Online solutions allow workers to train any place. The only thing required in this case is a reliable internet connection and PC, laptop or portable device.

Cost Effective

Online bloodborne pathogens training is often more cost-effective since you’re not going to travel to receive the training or pay for an instructor’s time. Online bloodborne pathogens training allows one to receive training within the shortest possible time and with less hassle.

Higher Learner Retention

Good online training solutions can actually aid retention. Properly designed online courses, particularly those designed with mobile learning principles in mind break content up into manageable chunk and use knowledge check and quizzing activities to reinforce the learning outcomes.

Train at Your Own Pace

Another benefit of online bloodborne pathogens training is that you can complete it in your own time, and the best providers will offer the option to start and stop training at any time, picking up where you left off when the course is resumed.

Workers have enough time to understand what they have learned before they proceed to the exam or quizzes, and can revisit content they are not yet comfortable with.


Online bloodborne pathogens training can also be a good option because it offers flexibility. It can work well for those with tight schedules, who may enjoy being able to train on a particular module or lesson when they have a spare ten minutes. With online bloodborne pathogen training, they can take the course from anywhere and at any time.

Features Of A Good Training Course

Before you choose a given online course, it is essential to ensure that it ticks a couple of boxes. Firstly, does it comply with OSHA standards and cover all the necessary parts of the curriculum? and secondly, does it fit your organizational requirements? For instance, if your workforce is equipped with tablet devices does the training program run properly on them?

For those employers with more than a few workers, the ability to track training completion and status online also becomes a consideration.

Knowing when your workers have completed the training and being able to view their certificates and status, plus receiving alerts when annual re-training is required are features that you may want to consider.

Conclusion: Online Bloodborne Pathogens Training Is Fast And Convenient

Considering the points discussed, we can see that online training is often the best option compared to instructor-led training. However, you should to take your time and do some proper evaluation before choosing a specific online bloodborne pathogenic training.

It is essential to select a quality training provider that aligns with the goals of-of your organization.

You can take a look at our convenient and affordable online bloodborne pathogen training systems here.

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