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Bloodborne Pathogens Class VS Bloodborne Pathogens Online Training

Bloodborne Pathogens Class VS Bloodborne Pathogens Online Training

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires that all workers at a reasonable risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens (BBP) must undertake suitable training.

A Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate is typically awarded after the training, as proof and acknowledgement of completion. You can see the reference guide to the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens standard here for more information.

If you need a bloodborne pathogens certificate, you will find that there are two main ways of getting one –a traditional Bloodborne Pathogens class VS Bloodborne pathogens online training. The question then arises, what is the best way for you? Let’s take a look at them both and help you to decide.

The benfits of classroom training

There are many notable benefits to classroom training, many of which we may have experienced in from school. There are quite a few that will apply to BBP training also, and we have compiled a list of such benefits below.

  • Questions – The ability to question what you are learning may help some people cement the topic in their mind.
  • Instructor – An instructor can make-or-break a course. If you have a good instructor you may find, that with their help, the course is much easier.
  • Attention to Needs – Some people need a little extra help with their learning and in-person classes can help instructors to identify those needs and help with them.
  • Adaptability – In the same spirit as the last point, instructors have the ability to adapt the class to follow the lead of their students.
  • Discussion with Students – Sometimes, you just need to talk with your peers and fellow students to understand something more clearly. Classroom training provides ample opportunities to do so.

Some weaknesses of Classroom Training

Although classroom training has notable benefits, it has considerable weaknesses too – as seen below.

  • Expensive – Unlike online courses, with classrooms your payment needs to cover an instructor’s salary, venue, equipment and much more. The price difference is sizeable.
  • Travel – As you don’t have a choice in the venue, it may very well mean that you need to travel far to reach your class. Travel is a sure-fire way to increase the time and money a course can take.
  • Harder to schedule – Classroom training is becoming rarer as online training booms, therefore you may not find a course as quickly or conveniently as you’d like.
  •  Time Consuming – After considering travel and wait times and time that you may lose due to issues with other students or the instructor, classroom training tends to eat up a chunk of your day.
  • No Flexibility – As class-times are typically preordained, you have to fit your schedule around your class instead of it being the other way around.

The benefits of Online Bloodborne Pathogens training

Many people are becoming aware of the strengths and effectiveness of eLearning. Many colleges, schools and other training providers courses are increasing their number of online courses every day.

  • Cheap – Online Bloodborne Pathogens training is always cheaper. It also does not require any travel costs.
  • Ability to Train Anywhere – If you’re getting a Bloodborne Pathogens certificate, chances are you’re employed. Sometimes, work or other commitments can force you to travel out of state or away from home. This is where the ability to train anywhere helps best.
  • Comfort – Adding onto the last point, you can train from the comfort of your own home. Many people find this increases effectiveness and focus.
  • Updated Content – Seeing as how online courses don’t require textbooks or apparatus, the learning material can be changed whenever needed. This ensures an up-to-date learning experience.
  • More Control – eLearning can give you more control over your pace and style. Many people find they can learn quickly if they go at their own pace and also increase their effective learning at the same time.
  • Less Time Consuming – Being able to go online at any time and start learning straight away is much less time consuming than planning your day around traveling to a course venue.
  • Instant Certification – Completing your bloodborne pathogens training online has the added benefit of gaining instant access to your bloodborne pathogens certificate.

Some weaknesses of online Training

Despite multiple benefits of online training, it does also come with its weaknesses.

  • No Instructor – Due to the fact that there is no instructor, you may have fewer options to resort to for when you need clarification.
  • Requires Self-Discipline – Some people aren’t good at individual work as they may have a habit of procrastination A classroom environment may help overcome that.
  • Isolation – As you may do the bloodborne pathogens training online course alone, there is little opportunity to connect with other learners at the same time.
  • No competition – Competition is a common factor in classroom stimulation. Learning online may remove this factor and will lead to you having to rely on self-determination instead.
  • Less Personalization – Some learners require a tailored type of course, and although there are many different ways to learn online – it cannot provide the intimate personalisation that a good teacher is able to.

Bloodborne Pathogens Class VS Bloodborne Pathogens Online Training: Summary

Looking at all the information we’ve now got to consider a Bloodborne Pathogens Class VS Bloodborne pathogens online training, it’s only fair to conclude that a bloodborne pathogens training course would be better taken online.

Its cheapness, convenience and ease of use makes earning your bloodborne pathogens certificate seem easy. The fact that it takes less time is great; couple that with its ability to be taken at anytime, anywhere and you’ve got yourself a winner.

Most of the weaknesses of an online course can be overcome by motivation and determination to finish, whereas classroom training would require you to commit more time and money for the same result.

You can start your free bloodborne pathogens training course right now and purchase a bloodborne pathogens certificate on completion – just register and start training immediately.

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