Bloodborne Pathogens Online Training in 2023: Best Options

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We thought it was a good time to take a look at some of the offerings available if you’re looking to get bloodborne pathogens certification in 2023.

With many different training providers on the market it can be difficult to make an informed choice, so allow us to give you some assistance. This article is focussed on individual training, if you’re looking for a roundup of bloodborne pathogens group training options click here.

When you’re looking for a certification program to comply with the OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 Bloodborne Pathogens standard there are quite a few things to consider before taking the plunge.

Some questions to ask

What type of bloodborne pathogen training is offered?

It’s important to choose a training program that fits with your preferred learning style. Maybe you prefer to watch a video presentation, or maybe you learn better when you engage with interactive content.

Is the course good value for money?

With so many choices on the market, there’s no reason to settle for text or slide-based training when you are paying good money for the experience.

You may also want to consider a program that gives the option of taking the training first and then choosing to pay for a bloodborne pathigesn certificate if you’re happy with the experience.

This also protects you against potentially paying up front for a low-quality program as you can ‘try before you buy’ and simply stop the training if the content isn’t up to par.

Is a demo available?

It’s also worth checking if the course has a free sample or demonstration lesson available that could give you a better feel for the training style and content. In the absence of a ‘Pay then pass’ option AND no demo, you would probably begin to question what the provider is hiding…

What type of Quiz or exam do I need to pass?

Another thing to consider is the assessment format, some courses require you to pass a lengthy exam after you complete the course, others have a bloodborne pathogens quiz at the end of each module when the content is fresh in your head.

2020 Bloodborne Pathogens Online Training Roundup

So let’s take a look at some of the currently available training programs. Whilst there are probably 100’s of providers most people don’t get past the first page or two of google when searching for a course, so we picked courses from the top search results. Let’s see what you’re getting for your money in 2023.

Our review

If you prefer an instructor-led type of training experience but don’t want to attend a face to face to face class this could be a good option. The content is thorough and well explained by the presenter. Although it’s delivered online this is essentially a traditional ‘watch the video’ style course so obviously, the interactive element is missing and it gets boring rather quickly watching the same paramedic in the same shot setup and backdrop talk to the camera.

Overall score: 3/5

Traditional slide based elearning with a voice over and few clickable boxes. If you have ever taken ‘powerpoint; style elearning at work you’ll know what to expect here. It’s fine for what it is but hardly what we’d expect in 2022. We found the content didn’t play well on a tablet or mobile and it’s really designed to be consumed at a desk in a single sitting. So all in all not really a great option if you want to learn on demand and pick up and put down the course over multiple sessions. Overall it does the job decently enough

Overall score: 3/5

This course is adaptive micro-learning designed to work on any device and designed with a ‘mobile first’ approach. Each lesson in the bloodborne pathogen training course is less than 3 minutes long and interactions and scenarios are used to reinforce learning at key points in each module. It looks modern and content can be consumed much like an app. The course can be stopped and resumed as often as required making it ideal for completing your certification in coffee breaks and lunch times or even on the bus or train.

Overall score: 4.5/5

This course is mainly a series of videos presented as a talking head animated video. Basically a cartoon character reads a script about bloodborne pathogens with the occasional image flashing up on the screen. This is broken up with some basic elearning section of the click to view the next slide variety, these open in a new window which we found quite distracting. The video lessons do resume from your last viewpoint if you stop and restart the course which is nice. Some of the latter parts of the course is just text which makes the course look unfinished and somewhat thrown together like they ran out of steam at the end and just added some text slides to get the course ready for market. Unforgivably, there is a duplicate quiz question and typos on both the text content and some of the eLearning which doesn’t really tie up with the price tag of this course.

Overall score: 2/5

This ‘course’ is essentially OSHA content copied and pasted into a website with a few badly selected pictures. It’s no surprise this has the lowest certificate price of the courses reviewed as we would call this site a ‘certificate mill’. The training on offer here doesn’t seek to educate the learner or provide any real safety training, there is no attempt make the course engaging or interesting for the trainee and no reinforcement of knowledge is applied. It’s a real shame such ‘training’ is still on offer in 2023 as it shows an alarming contempt for the safety of workers. We cannot recommend this course at all.

Overall score: 1/5

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