Dental Office Safety

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This course is designed to provide a solid foundation for employees working in dental clinics.

The course looks at the potential health risks of working in a dental setting and the ways that employees can protect themselves and their co-workers from potential health problems.

The course also discussed ways to properly clean and sanitize common instruments and machinery used in dental laboratories.

Dental Office Safety - Curriculum

Dental Office Health Risks

A short overview of the potential hazards that may be encountered in a dental setting.

Learn about the common risk factors associated with Silicosis.

Learn about the specific hazards presented by exposure to Beryllium.

Look at a real world example of health hazards and outcomes for a dental worker.

Overview of possible solutions to mitigate risk in dental settings.

Learn the dangers of radiation exposure in a dental setting and how they can be mitigated.

Learn the dangers of Bloodborne Pathogen exposure in a dental office.

Learn what to do if you have been exposed to bloodborne pathogens.

Learn about contact dermatitis and why it is a risk for dental staff.

General safety tips for dental workers on avoiding, managing and mitigating latex allergy in the workplace.

Learn how powder free gloves can mitigate latex allergy.

Learn the best practices for dealing with patients who have a latex allergy.

Cleaning and Worker Protection

An introduction to cleaning and worker protection in a dental setting.

An overview of the best practices for central instrument processing in a dental office or lab.

Learn about the neccessity of cleaning instruments before sterilization.

Learn about the requirements and use of PPE in a dental setting.

Learn how effectively clean and disinfect housekeeping surfaces.

Learn about Dental Unit Waterlines, Biofilm, and Water Quality.

Learn about the correct procedure for safely dispoing of extracted teeth.

Lean the fundamentals of correct hand hygiene in a dental setting.

Learn the correct method for storing hand care products.

Learn about the types of hand lotions and gloves commonly found in a dental office.


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