Developing a COVID Prevention Program


Get your workplace prepared for preventing COVID19 for $12.95 AFTER you complete the training successfully.

This course introduces staff to Infectious Disease Prevention and Response (IDPR) planning for the prevention of COVID19 and other infectious diseases in the workplace.

The course provides a best practice view of COVID19 related preventative measures, and walks through everything needed to create your workplace COVID control plan.

This course will introduce you to the basic components of a Prevention Control Program (CCP) and the key components to include. The course also contains a working template that can be used when developing your own CCP. It is modeled on the OSHA COVID19 Prevention Control plan.

Who is this Course for?

The Developing a COVID Prevention Plan training is for any person who needs to create a COVID control plan for their workplace to adhere to OSHA and CDC regulations.

General Construction Industry

Restaurants & Food Service

Transportation Industry

Cleaners & Janitorial


Agency & Contract Staff

Factory Facility Workers

Teachers & Daycare Providers

Others at Risk of COVID19 Exposure

Training Time: Developing a COVID Prevention Program

Get Developing a COVID Prevention Plan certification in about:

2 Hours


Developing a COVID Prevention Plan Course Outline

Our interactive Developing a COVID Control Plan Training provides the knowledge and skills necessary to develop an OSHA/CDC compliant COVID control plan for your workplace or organization. 

Each module has several lessons. Lessons contains 100% interactive ‘micro-learning’ content broken down into bite-sized chunks. 

Each module ends with a short quiz when the content is fresh in your mind rather than a long exam at the end of the course. The average time to complete the  course is about 2 hours.

You can see what is covered in the lessons below.

CPP Program Elements

A short overview of the course and learning outcomes. Overview of the CCP program elements.

Learn the sixteen elements that shoul dbe included in the CPP.

Learn how to conduct workplace-specific evaluations to identify potential hazards and exposures to employees and others.

Learn about the requirements for conducting COVID19 inspections at the workplace.

Leran to to create an effective two-way communication process with employees in a form they can understand. 

Learn about the training requirements imposed on workplaces that must be included in the CPP.

The CPP should include policies and guidelines on reporting all COVID-19 cases, recordkeeping, and access. Learn what needs to be included.

Controlling Hazards

Unsafe or unhealthy work conditions, practices, and procedures should be documented using a COVID-19 Inspection form.

Physical distancing (also called social distancing) is one of the primary control methods in the CPP.

The CPP should mandate the provision of clean, undamaged face coverings.

Engineering controls typically require a physical change to the workplace to isolate workers from a hazard. Learn about engineering controls with examples.

Learn about administrative controls and safe work practices that change policies and procedures for how workers perform job duties to ensure work activities are conducted safely. 

This module focusses on the different types PPE and how PPE should be handles in the CPP.

The CPP should include a policy that states that gloves, goggles, face shields, and other PPE should not be shared.

Investigation and Response

This module introduces why employers should have an effective procedure to investigate COVID-19 cases in the workplace.

This module covers the legal requirements associated with COVID19 investigation, for example, personal identifying information of COVID19 cases or symptoms will be kept confidential. 

Best practice for when an employee designated as a COVID-19 case is in the workplace.

The CPP should address actions to take in an exposed workplace, including addressing high risk periods.

This module covers planning for Non-Outbreak Settings, Outbreak Settings, and Major Outbreak settings.

Learn about employers testing obligations.

The CPP should include guidelines that clarify when employees may return to work after they have tested positive for COVID-19 or had exposure at work.

The CPP should address employee compensation and benefits should employees be required to leave the workplace.

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