Managing Workplace Stress and Violence in Healthcare

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The prevention of workplace violence has become an important safety issue in and around hospitals and healthcare facilities. Workplace violence, including physical assaults, or threatening or violent behavior, are a growing problem in the workplace.

Occupational stress has also been a long-standing concern in the health care industry. Studies indicate healthcare workers have higher rates of substance abuse and suicide than other industries, and elevated rates of depression and anxiety linked to job stress.

Other outcomes of job stress include burnout, absenteeism, employee churn, reduced patient satisfaction, and diagnosis and treatment errors. This course takes a closer look at  the ways healthcare employees can help prevent violence and stress whilst at work.

Managing Workplace Stress & Violence - Curriculum

Violence in Healthcare

A short overview of the issues with violence in a healthcare workplace.

Learn about the common risk factors associated with workplace violence.

Learn how prevention strategies and techniques can mitigate workplace violence in healthcare.

Learn about the components of a healthcare workplace violence prevention program.

Overview of hazard prevention and controls relevant to workplace violence.

Learn the requirements and benefits of safety and health training and how this can help to improve how employees handle workplace violence issues.

Learn the best practice for employers when evaluating and improving programs.

Learn what environmental design is and how it can be applied in healthcare facilities to manage workplace violence.

Learn how administrative controls such as electronic pass entry systems can help mitigate workplace violence.

General safety tips for healthcare workers on avoiding, managing and mitigating workplace violence.

Stress in Healthcare

An introduction to workplace stress in the healthcare environment.

An overview of the potential hazards and stress triggers for healthcare workers.

Learn about the early warning signs that can help employers and employees to identify the potential onset of workplace stress.

Learn about the common symptoms of stress.

Nurses and physicians may have specific triggers that make them more likely to experience workplace stress than workers in other industries.

Learn techniques that can be used to manage workplace stress.

Learn about potential solutions to workplace stress that can be implemented by employers.


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