Nail Salon Safety & Hazards

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Nail salons are mainly small businesses that employ or contract trained professionals to provide clients with nail services like filing and polishing, artificial nail application, pedicures, and other hand-and foot-care treatments.

More than 375,000 nail technicians’ work in salons in the USA and face possible health hazards every day.

These hazards include:

  • exposure to chemicals from glues, polishes, removers, and other salon products
  • muscle strains and other ergonomic injuries from awkward positions or repetitive motions
  • risk of infection from contact with client skin, nails, or blood

This course provides important information about these hazards and the procedures nail salon workers and employers can take to prevent injuries and illness.

Affter completion, you will have knowledge of the following components:

  • chemical hazards
  • product labeling requirements
  • how to properly ventilate the nail salon
  • biological hazards
  • ways to prevent exposures to chemicals
  • types of respirators
  • reducing ergonomic hazards
  • preventing aches and pains

Nail Salon Safety and Hazards - Curriculum

Chemical Hazards

Overview of chemical hazards present in nail salon environments.

Detailed listing and information on hazardous chemicals found in nail salons.

An introduction to chemical product labels and how to identify key hazard information.

Introduction to the chemical Safety Data Sheet (SDS) standards.

Easy ways to reduce risk and protect your health when working in nail salons.

Learn the importance of room ventilation and techniques.

Learn about potential biological hazards including Bloodborne Pathogens (references the OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standard).

Learn how to best protect yourself from biological hazards via Administrative controls, Engineering controls and the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Ways to Prevent Chemical Exposure

A short overview of safe work practices in nail salons.

Learn about the common risk factors associated nail salon products coming into contact with the skin.

Learn how respiratory protection should be used in nail salons. Subsequent lessons will cover common types of respiratory protection.

Learn about the correct use of filtering face piece respirators.

Learn about the specifications and correct usage of half-mask respirators in nail salons.

Preventing Ergonomic Injuries

An introduction to the concept of ergonomics and ergonomic workplace injuries.

Ways to reduce ergonomic injuries in nail salons.

Learn quick and effective stretching exercises you can use at work throughout the day.


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