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Bloodborne Pathogens tattoo training is mandated by OSHA for any person who may be reasonably anticipated to have contact with blood and other potentially infectious materials as a result of performing their job duties. This course contains additional bloodborne pathogens training content suitable for tattoo and piercing artists, microblading artists and others working in a body art workplace.

Who is this course for?

The Bloodborne Pathogens Certification for Tattoo Artist is for every professional body art practitioner 

This includes but is not limited to, tattoo artists, tattoo studio staff, body piercers, permanent cosmetic artists such as eyebrow tattooists, microbladers and body modification artists.

Tattoo Artists

Body Art Professionals

Permanent Cosmetics Artists

Micro Bladers

Body Piercers

Body Modification Artists

Training Time: BBP Body Art Professional

Get OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030 Bloodborne Pathogens certification in about:

120 Minutes


Bloodborne Pathogens Training: Body Art Professional Course Outline

Our interactive Online Bloodborne Pathogens Tattoo training course provides body art professionals with the knowledge and skills they need to reduce the risk of contracting or transmitting a bloodborne infection. 

Each module has several lessons. Lessons contains 100% interactive ‘micro-learning’ content broken down into bite-sized chunks. 

Each module ends with a short quiz when the content is fresh in your mind rather than a long exam at the end of the course. The average time to complete the course is between 90 – 120 minutes.

You can see what is covered in the lessons below.

Introduction to Bloodborne Pathogens

A short overview of the course and learning outcomes.

Learn what Bloodborne Pathogens are and the highest risk types.

Learn how Bloodborne Pathogens are spread and the risk factors associated with the different types of transmission.

Learn about the risks associated with the use of sharps in a work environment.

Learn about the OSHA standard, and when and how it was implemented.

Learn who is, and is not covered by OSHA’s BBP standard.

Common Bloodborne Pathogens

Learn about the HBV virus including how it is transmitted, risk profile, symptoms and treatments.

Learn about the HCV virus including how it is transmitted, risk profile, symptoms and treatments.

Learn about the differences between the Hepatitis virus types including risk of transmission and infection.

Learn about the HIV virus including how it is transmitted, risk profile, symptoms and treatments.

Exposure Controls and PPE

Learn what obligations your employer has in protecting you from exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens in the workplace.

Learn the minimum requirements and standards that must be applied to an Employers Control Plan.

Learn about what training your employer must provide staff who may be exposed to Bloodborne Pathogens, and how often the training must take place.

Learn about the concept of Universal Precautions and how they can help protect against Bloodborne Pathogens exposures.

Learn what Work Practice Controls are and why they are important.

Learn what Engineering Controls are and why they are important.

Learn what PPE is and when it should be used.

Learn how to correctly and safely remove disposable gloves.

Learn about employer obligations to provide free HBV immunization to potentially exposed workers.

Learn about the importance of correct housekeeping practices and how they are implemented.

Learn about what you must do when exposure incidents occur.

Learn about employer obligations to keep records of sharps injuries in the workplace.

Body Art Professional

Learn about the additional risks facing professional body artists and why extra Bloodborne Pathogens training is required.

Learn about the anatomy of the human skin and how it relates to body art procedures.

Learn about how a tattoo is created and how it is visible on the skin.

Learn about specific medical issues related to tattooing and piercing procedures.

Learn about other communicable diseases that can be transmitted via tattooing and piercing procedures.

Learn about general requirements in a body art workplace.

Learn about cleaning, disinfection and sterilization procedures including using Autoclave devices.

Learn about personal protective equipment (PPE) specific to the body art workplace.

Learn how to safely prepare your work space and take all required precautions before starting a body art procedure.

Learn about best practice recommendations for tattoo and piercing aftercare.

Learn about safe waste disposal specifics for body art work environments.

Learn about employer exposure control regulations and planning.

Learn about what you need to do after an exposure occurs.

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BloodBorne Pathogens Certification: Body Art Professional

An interactive OSHA compliant Bloodborne Pathogens training course for Body Art Professionals.

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