The Bloodborne Certification Mission

We started started Bloodborne Certification because we felt there wasn’t an up to date, interactive, compliant solution for online Bloodborne Pathogens certification.
Sure, there are some good training providers on the market, but when we were looking for a Bloodborne Pathogens training provider most of what we saw ranged from the decent to the downright terrible.

The problem with online Bloodborne Pathogens Training

Obviously providing training is a business, but that doesn’t mean a training course should aim for the lowest common specification required to start getting sales.
In our long analysis of the current market offerings we identified three main options that were available to individuals looking to get certified, and employers wanting to train their staff.
  1. Certificate Mills: By this we mean ’training’ that basically cuts and pastes the main points from OSHA’s website, gives the trainee an option to skip all content and go straight to a 3 question exam. We won’t bother outlining why we think this is a terrible option for anyone who really cares about the safety of themselves or their staff.
  2. Outdated slide based eLearning courses: You probably know the type that we mean. Looking like a poorly put together powerpoint presentation with some clickable boxes and possibly video added as an afterthought, these throwbacks to the bad old days of corporate eLearning do usually have a decent amount of content. The problem? They are almost universally disliked by trainees as they are linear, boring and not optimized for modern devices.
  3. Video based courses: These generally come in two flavors, a straight to camera set of videos delivered by a subject matter expert, or a ’talking head’ animated video developed on Powtoon or something similar. We definitely feel that instructor led videos do provide some good in depth training, the main problem is they are generally overly long and lack demonstrative and interactive content. Multiple research suggests that video longer than 3 minutes in length loses engagement with learners and the content simply doesn’t stick. Most BBP training courses use video of minimum 10 minute lengths, often up to several hours, is anyone really going remember what they sat through? On the other hand, talking head animated videos are, in our opinion, a cheap and fast way to get training up and ready for sale, but they do nothing to add to learner experience or retention of the training content. 

Time to shake up the Bloodborne Pathogen Training Industry

So….. we knew we could provide a better solution, and at a price point fair to the market, so we though what the hell, let’s do it!
We come from instructional design and training consulting backgrounds and had developed 100’s of hours of successful content for our clients, and in the last few years we have concentrated heavily on micro-learning models. 
Without going into too much boring detail here micro-learning essentially breaks down content into short, targeted, manageable chunks that engage the learner, have a high level of interactivity and generally, are no longer than 2 to 3 minutes per topic. Another key feature of micro-learning is that’s it’s designed to be consumed on any device, and can be started, stopped, paused and resumed at any time making it the ideal way to consume a course in multiple sittings.
That’s not to say micro-learning is ideal for every situation – complex, theoretical topics for instance would be much better suited to instructor led training. That being said, we believe micro-learning IS the ideal way to deliver short, content rich compliance courses like Bloodborne Pathogens training.

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Training done right

We are proud to offer what we think is simply the best solution for modern, compliant Bloodborne Pathogen training online, and we hope you will agree too! 
We think the Blood-borne Pathogens training industry could do with a little healthy disruption – the main players have been sitting on their laurels offering outdated content and training models for years, so we are offering a newer, better alternative.
Our founding  principle is transparency, we believe you should know exactly what you are getting, and how much you are paying for it.  
For our corporate customers we offer great discounts on group pricing and all prices are shown up front, no nasty surprises on checkout.

Check out the demo

If you take a look around the site you’ll also see demo lessons that you can launch to get a flavour for what the training is like – basically, we aren’t afraid to put our money where our mouth is.

Fast BBP Training

We are proud to offer all mandated Bloodborne Pathogens courses plus other essential safety and health programs. 

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