OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Test Free Quiz preparation

Bloodborne Pathogens Test Quiz

Many people are a little worried at the thought of having to take a bloodborne pathogens test in order to obtain the bloodborne pathogens certificate and become OSHA compliant.

A bloodborne pathogens test or quiz is a necessary component of any training and certification program but it’s really nothing to be scared about.

Online Bloodborne Pathogens Training

The chances are you are completing an online bloodborne pathogens training course, so the exam or test will be online as well.

Tis typically means it will take the form of multiple choice questions either as a longer final exam, or as shorter tests at the end of each training module.

We highly recommend you choose an online bloodborne pathogens training vendor that uses shorter quizzes. Why? Simple. Shorter bloodborne pathogens tests at the end of each training module mean that the content is fresh in your head and you won’t be wading back through an hour of content to find the correct answer if you do happen to get a question wrong.

The best online bloodborne pathogens training courses will give you the option to take any bloodborne pathogens test as many times as you need to at no extra charge.

You should check that any course than you are signing up for has the ability to review content easily and as many times as you need to. If a course is broken down into multiple sections and lessons or topics this is a good sign it’s built using instructional design best practice.

Let me take the test already!

OK OK, we know you are keen. So without further ado you can take the interactive bloodborne pathogens test preparation just below.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • You will answer 10 Bloodborne Pathogens test questions from a bank of 21.
  • The question and answers are both randomized as they would be in a real online test so you won’t see the same question or answers in the same order each time – feel free to take the test as many times as you like.
  • You will see the correct answers when you submit the final question.
  • The questions will be randomly taken from the three different bloodborne pathogens training modules that make up a General Workplace course, but usually you would answer a shorter quiz at the end of the appropriate module.
  • You can share you results online via the social buttons.
  • You can take real bloodborne pathogens test as part of our free bloodborne pathogens training 100% free, just register and start training right away.
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Bloodborne Pathogens Test

This Bloodborne Pathogens Test quiz will help you to prepare and know what to expect when you come to complete the test for your Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate.

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The Hepatitis C virus can be transmitted much more easily than the Hepatitis B virus

2 / 10

The cure for HIV and AIDs is:

3 / 10

Who does the Bloodborne Pathogens Standard not apply to? 

4 / 10

The use of Personal Protective Equipment is optional

5 / 10

Who is the Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens Standard enforced by? 

6 / 10

Which of the items is an ’engineering control'?

7 / 10

The HIV infection is most commonly transmitted in the workplace via what means?

8 / 10

How do work practice controls reduce the risk of bloodborne pathogens transmission?

9 / 10

When must an employer offer occupationally exposed workers a free HBV vaccination?

10 / 10

When posting signs at the entrance to work areas where blood and OPIM are handled, some of the information that must be displayed on the signs includes what?

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