Can you get a Free Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate?

Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate

If you work with, or around blood or other human bodily fluids The OSHA CFR 1910.1030 Bloodborne Pathogens Standard mandates that you undertake blood borne pathogens training.

You may have been looking around at different training and certification programs, and you have probably come across a few providers offering free bloodborne pathogens training – but can you really get a free bloodborne pathogen certificate?

Can I Really Get a Free Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate?

The short answer to that questions is – probably not. Many training providers offer the option to take a free Bloodborne Pathogen training course , and then offer the option to buy a BBP certificate after your pass the course and only if you are 100% satisfied with the training. 

This gives you the option of fully testing the course to see if it fits in with your learning style and has the type of content that you enjoy.

This reduces the risk of paying upfront for a blood borne pathogen certification training and then finding out that the course isn’t up to standard, or that the provider hasn’t automated the certification process.

Having said all that – there are a few things to watch out for when selecting a training provider for your bloodborne pathogens certificate.

If you wish to go the ‘pass-then-pay’ route you will generally get a much lower quality text based course – if you are determined to take that option you find out more about what to look for in free bloodborne pathogen training in this article.

Choosing a Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate Provider

Let’s take a look at what you should consider:

Select a Reputable Training Provider

Does the online training vendors website look reputable? Can you view a demo of the course?

Also make sure there are ways you can easily contact the vendor by methods such as live chat, email, and most importantly a toll-free phone number.

Free Bloodborne Pathogen Training Free Course Format

There are many different training styles, so you should make sure that the course you pick suits you.

The best way to do that is either check out the demo or even better sign up for free training and take a couple of modules to test drive it.

We recommend either interactive eLearning or video-based courses as they are more engaging and you tend to retain the information better. Steer clear of text-only courses or ancient-looking online powerpoint presentations, it’s 2023 and you deserve more for your money.

Bloodborne Pathogens Quiz Type

To get your bloodborne pathogen certificate you will most likely be required to take a test, quizlet or assessment. 

The format of this will vary depending on the training provider – but you can usually expect multiple choice type questions. 

The bloodborne pathogen quiz maybe at the end of the course after you have completed all the training, or there may be shorter quizlet at the end of different modules or topics. A good provider will advise the format of the quiz somewhere on their website before you pay for any training. Find out more about preparing for an OSHA bloodborne pathogens test.

Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate Checkout Process

Before you buy your bloodborne pathogens certificate you will want to make sure that the buying process is easy, reliable and secure. Check that a reliable payment gateway like Paypal or Stripe is being used that will securely process your transaction without storing your card details.

Also, check that your certificate will be available instantly for download and printing.

Bloodborne Pathogen Certificate Details

Before you buy your certificate you want to be clear on what certification details will be displayed on it – your employer (or prospective employer) usually requires at a minimum:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate Issue Date
  • Your Full Legal Name
  • Certificate Expiry Date
  • Name of Bloodborne Pathogens Training Passed

There may also be other fields that are either auto-populated or that you can fill in yourself, like your address, employer name, etc.

Online BBP Certificate Storage

So you’ve taken the course, passed the test and decided to buy your bloodborne pathogen certificate. Hopefully, it’s been emailed to you instantly or you’ve printed it online, but what happens next? 

The best training providers will store your training record and certificate securely in your online account – so if you ever need to access or reprint your certificate all you need to do is log back in. This is worth checking before you commit to a training provider.

BBP Certificate Validity

OSHA mandates that Bloodborne Pathogens training must be taken at least annually – for this reason, your bloodborne pathogen certificate validity will usually be 1 year after the issue date. 

Be wary of providers claiming to offer a bloodborne pathogens certification with 2 years validity – this contravenes OSHA regulations.

Free Bloodborne Pathogen Certification: Conclusion

Whilst the alluring advertising offering a ‘Bloodborne Pathogens Certificate Free’ is usually misleading, there are a number of free bloodborne pathogens training courses you can take before you decide to buy the certificate. Use that opportunity to try out a few courses and see which one you like. 

Our courses are 100% free interactive eLearning you can complete at your leisure on your smartphone or tablet. We no longer offer the ‘free’ pass-then-pay option, but you can try out a full demo before you buy.

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