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An essential part of any OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens training is the Blood borne pathogens test. A blood borne pathogens test will be a component of any online course and may be called a quiz, a quizlet, a test, an assessment or an exam depending on the course you are taking and the training provider.

We know it can be a little daunting to have to take a blood borne pathogen test, but we’re here to give you some guidance on what to expect and reassure you that it won’t be as painful as you think!

Why do I have to take a Blood borne Pathogens test?

There are a few reasons that a blood borne pathogens test is usually a part of an online bloodborne pathogens certification course. Contrary to what you might think, we training providers don’t just add them in to annoy you, they do serve a very important purpose.

Not sure if you need to take a blood borne pathogen test? Check our Bloodborne Pathogens FAQ.

Test Bloodborne Pathogens Knowledge

The OSHA Bloodborne pathogens standard requires that employers provide free bloodborne pathogen training to occupationally exposed workers. Part of that training is to ensure that employees are familiar with the topics that OSHA mandates in the bloodborne pathogens standard. 

In order to know whether you have absorbed and retained the training some kind of test is required. Passing a blood borne pathogens test proves that you took the training and earned your certification.

Aid knowledge retention

A test or quiz is proven to aid you in remembering key content presented in a bloodborne pathogen certification course. The test will have (hopefully) been created by a training professional and will target specific important topics and information in the training that’s essential for you to remember later.

Your online training record

All those tricky multiple choice questions you answered should be stored in your online training record. This serves as proof that you did complete the training, and achieved a passing score in the test or quiz. If for any reason it was necessary to prove you passed the exam, a good online training provider will ensure your secure training records contain all your quiz answers!

What to expect in a blood borne pathogens test

Depending on what type of online bloodborne pathogens certification course you are taking the test may be either at the end of the course, or it might be shorter tests or quizzes at the end of each training module. 

We would recommend you choose a course that has shorter tests at the end of each module rather than a lengthy final exam. 

Why? Testing at the end of each module or major topic ensures the content is fresh in your mind. It also breaks up the training content naturally and is less daunting than a big final assessment.

Types of test question

So what should you expect when you start the first online blood borne pathogens test?

Generally, online training courses tend to build their tests using a set of fairly standard question formats, so the chances are that the online course that you choose will use quiz questions in the following formats.

Multiple Choice

We are sure you are familiar with the good old multiple choice questions, just select whichever you think is the correct answer.

Example test question:

multiple choice question

True or False

For this type of test question just select whether you think the statement is True or False.

Example test question:

True or False Question

Multiple Selection

This is a variation on the multiple choice question format. In this case you can select one or more answers that you think are correct.

Example test question:

Bloodborne Pathogens Test Free

Fill in the Blank

These are not as common but do appear in some online blood borne pathogen test quizzes. For this type of question fill in the correct word in the blank space to answer the question or complete the statement.

Example test question:

A way that bloodborne pathogens can be transmitted is via the ______ membranes of the nose, mouth and eyes.

Didn't pass first time?

The best online bloodborne pathogens training providers will allow you to attempt test(s) multiple times so don’t worry if you didn’t pass a test on the first go. 

A good online course will also give you the option to go back and review relevant course materials before retaking the bloodborne pathogen test or quiz.

After the Blood borne Pathogens test

The great thing about online bloodborne pathogens training is that your test results will be automatically calculated and stored. 

Generally the overall pass mark for most OSHA courses is 80%. If the course has a number of smaller tests usually you will be required to pass each one by reaching the pass threshold, this ensures that the full training coverage is achieved and you are equipped to deal with working with or around bloodborne pathogens and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM).

After successfully completing your chosen course and tests you will either be awarded a certificate, or have the option to buy a bloodborne pathogens certificate to prove your compliance.


This article took a detailed look at what to expect from the test when you take a blood borne pathogens test.

If you are interested in gaining an OSHA bloodborne pathogen certificate take a look at our free bloodborne pathogen training courses.

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